February 08, 2017

8 common mistakes to avoid when booking a hotel in Sydney Airport

No one likes unexpected issues when booking a hotel in Sydney Airport. Our 8 tips for a flawless booking

Have you ever been in a situation, when you are all excited for the trip you have just booked? However, sometimes you encounter certain surprises on your arrival at the hotel, which could be extra charges for WIFI or no pool at the hotel as advertised. We have jot down certain points that we feel one should definitely look into while making a booking (but rest assured that no surprises await you when you book our Sydney Airport Hotel). These are the finer details but can save you from any such surprises or troubles.

  1. Booking times

    Most common oversights are the booking times. As per the experts the most popular booking time is 6pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays evening. Nevertheless, if we consider planning a trip around a popular season for a particular destination, our suggestion would be to book in advance as all the best rooms get filled pretty early.

  2. Not checking the pre-deposit or cancellation fee policies

    Ignore these policies and you might end up in a non-refundable booking.

  3. Not checking your email confirmation

    Check any extra cost or mandatory fees attached with your booking.
    This can include WiFi access, over-night parking, access to facilities like gym, swimming pool or fee incurred if you bring in your pet at a hotel which allow pets.

  4. Checking hotel’s details or description on the booking websites only

    Booking websites always have a disclaimer and do not take responsibility for any variation. Thus it is always best to look into the hotel’s website for the latest and most reliable information.

  5. Using a credit card which charges a foreign transaction fees

    If one is unaware of such charges, one can end being surprised with the final amount.

  6. Forgetting to earn loyalty points by using a credit card instead of a regular card

    Sometimes low rate could also means prepaid non-refundable booking and if later you might want to cancel you will end up losing money.

  7. Booking an accommodation which could not meet your needs

    As the hotel standards could be different at different countries and could also vary from hotel to motel to serviced apartments. Some rooms can accommodate two people with a child but others can’t accommodate child or just for single person. Do not assume anything, it better to clarify by giving a call or send an email to the hotel.

  8. Not checking hotel’s review from previous guests

    Past guests may provide some useful information that you might need before making a booking