March 27, 2017

A new way of conferencing has just arrived to the Mercure Sydney Airport!

Choose our Mercure hotel for your next conferences at Sydney Airport

Keeping people engaged and inspired during meetings or conferences can be hard. For your next conferences at Sydney Airport, Mercure’s Mindful Meetings packages remove the hard work for you. Spaces are dressed to inspire collaboration, food has been created to promote concentration and a suite of interventions have been designed to ensure the energy of your delegates is maintained throughout the day.

According to this same goal, Mercure Sydney International Airport decided to launch the latest Mindful Meetings signature to keep your delegates engaged. Designed to deliver richer, more meaningful meeting experiences, the concept establishes ‘mindfulness’ as a key strategic pillar to drive successful meeting outcomes that are also more fun and engaging for everyone who attends. Meeting spaces are dressed to inspire collaboration, food and beverage options are designed to promote concentration and a suite of creative interventions have been developed to ensure the mood and energy of delegates is maintained during all your meetings.

Mindful Meetings are also carbon neutral. By funding renewable energy sources through the Carbon Reduction Institute, Mercure Sydney International Airport fund the cost of the offsets and do not pass them on to clients.

Mindful Meetings in Sydney Airport by Mercure Sydney International Airport include the following key signatures:

  • Mindful Spaces

    Including indoor plants and thought provoking wall art styled to create an inspiring and uplifting environment.

  • Food for Thought Menu

    Menu designed by qualified nutritionist Michelle Chevalley Hedge, founder of A Healthy View. All of the menus have been created using clean, whole food ingredients using only natural sugar or low sugar choices to keep delegates alert and engaged throughout your entire meeting.

  • Mindful Meetings Packages

    Meeting packages can be tailored to your particular experience.

  • Recommended Add-Ons

    'Build Your Own’ program with options for team building sessions, energy booster activities and health and wellness content delivered by experts in the field.

  • Technology

    Mercure Sydney International Airport offers high speed internet access with professional AV equipment.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Your Mindful Meeting will be carbon neutral. Greenhouse gases produced during your meeting will be offset by funding renewable energy sources through the Carbon Reduction Institute at no cost to you. Mercure Sydney International Airport also follow Accor’s global Planet 21 Charter with priority actions to reduce energy and water consumption and improve waste management and recycling.