January 29, 2017

In 2017, start thinking from another perspective!

Festive season comes bearing fun, happiness, family time and last but not the least some time off from work. We plan our travels, do our bookings and we are off to a relaxing holiday. However once back at our desk we get surrounded by emails, phone calls, meetings, conferences etc. It’s only after a few days that we realise that we need another getaway to rejuvenate ourselves.

Why? Let’s be realistic, we spend most of our time at work so to keep on the good work and satisfaction we must have a balance between our work life and our personal one.

 There’s actually a various ways to maintain a work life balance, however all of these efforts would actually be effective if we make equivalent efforts outside of work to make ourselves and our loved ones happier. A small effort as booking a night at a hotel on Valentine’s Day for your wife, or taking out your kids to a water park can make a difference in your perspective towards life.

All these kind of things will create those special moments and memories that will make you feel relaxed and cheerful again. In a balanced environment, holiday can become an overrated word, as every weekend is a holiday.

So, here are some advices to help you to gain you time to create your own work life balance:

1. Let it all go.

Why starting your day with yesterday’s stuff? Of course, there are things that you will need to accomplish that weren't finished yesterday but don’t let them at the end of your to-do list and achieve your top priorities before starting any new task.

2. While you’re at it, say goodbye to paper altogether.

It’s 2017. Digital area is on! Having stacks of paper all over your house and in your office is outdated. Think about starting processes that are 100 percent paperless. From document organization, email organization, taking notes, the paperless world will make your life so much more manageable. Or if you want to keep your old paper diary and agendas, well, keep it all in one organised diary and not five different one for just a year.

3. Limit distractions.

Digital life yes, but separating your personal life to your work life is something you do in your real life so why not trying to do it in your digital environment as well. With your phone always at the ready--either in your pocket, your bag or constantly glued to your hand--it's too easy to become distracted by it. Create habits that separate you from your phone, before your life and business pass you by. The better you’ll disconnect from your personal life the, more you’ll get productive at work and the more you’ll enjoy your family and holiday times.

4. Work smarter, not harder

We’ve heard this before, but for good reason. Take a look at the overall scope of your daily process and reorganize your business and yourself so you're more efficient and with less all around. The same goes for your email. Treat your inbox like you would the physical space on your desk. If your desktop is completely cluttered, go back to Step 1 and here’s a very good tip for that: As you answer emails, finish conversations on specific projects, tasked items, move the email out of your inbox to the appropriate folder for the specific project. This will keep you focused on the things you haven't done yet and will give you breathing room when you look in your inbox. 

Now it’s your turn to create your own circle to find your work life balance.

Mercure Sydney International Airport wishes you a balance 2017 year, make it work by booking a rest night before taking off from Sydney.